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2022 Number 1


The fantastic woman Our flow to the sea

“We were a couple, a normal couple” – clarifies with honesty and simplicity Marina, to the police of the sexual crimes brigade, who after the death of Orlando, investigates her in an invasive and vexatious way (…)


A bright reason. Start seeing the other

Although the etymology of “tolerate” comes from the Latin “tolerate” (endure), the use of the concept of tolerance is modern. To tolerate implies an asymmetry: the part that tolerates the other has a pre-eminence over it, its power is greater (…)


Billy Elliot. Let the others dance…

For Billy, it’s not that complicated: it’s about getting carried away by the “electricity” that is activated in his body when he dances. The father, on the other hand, faces the biggest challenge of accepting something he does not want, the desire of another, his son Billy, who wants to dance. (…)


Away from the tree Learn from those who welcome the difference

One of the paradoxes of this individualistic era is that we long to be unique, but at the same time, the difference terrifies us; it´s evaded and, in the worst cases, it’s marginalized…


The tolerance of comprehension

We live in an increasingly plural and multicultural society, formed by a variety of social groups with different customs, beliefs and practices, and in our eagerness to live peacefully in a democratic (…)


Expression Acts: An Inclusive Language

The words tolerance and inclusion are part of a cultural language. And every cultural language predisposes to a dialogue to combine encounters. Art, on the other hand, crosses the barriers of formal communication and its possible (…)
My truth!


The place of the other

The use of the word “tolerance” creates some discomfort or controversy, even in everyday or interpersonal contexts. Let’s say it’s not an “easy” term. When we invoke tolerance, we can find the opposite effect: (…)

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