Europe Edition

2024 number 4

I am identity question


The seven lives of Léa: RESPONSIBLE IDENTITY

Léa is a teenager overcome by her reality, by her parents who seem to be unhappy and by many answers that she cannot find. Everything changes for her when, dominated by alcohol and drugs, she finds a skeleton (…)


The boy and the heron: WE ARE NOT THE CENTER

Copernicus was able to go against practice and common sense to propose a theory that transforms the way of understanding the relationship between the movement of the sun and the planets. However, his theory also (…)


The anomaly: I AM YOU, YOU ARE ME

A commercial flight from Paris lands in New York with 243 passengers on board. Three months later, the same flight, with identical passengers and crew arrives in New York. It is an inexplicable phenomenon of duplicity, which (…)


The importance of being Earnest: THE VALUE OF BEING ME

Jack and Algernoon are two joyful, rich and cynical Victorian gentlemen. They are good living men that despite of their self-confidence and frivolity, they hope to find love. Jack has created Ernest, a fictitious brother (…)



After watching this play, we can still have a disturbing question: How, being the main character a manipulative and cruel villain, can there be something in her that makes us feel sympathy, even a certain affection? This play can be (…)


Swan lake: WHO AM I?

We only know that we know nothing. In this way, we navigate through our minds when we ask ourselves: who am I? How can we define the meaning of identity? What I am may be the result of what others make me to be. The French writer (…)


“I exist! I am I!” exclaimed Descartes enthusiastic. Doubt had totally invaded the reality of the French philosopher. How do I know that everything I see, what I think, what I love, is not an illusion? How do I escape to the possibility (…)
To define who are you, to identify yourself as a unique being and at the same time as part of a whole, is a reflection and a long-standing need. From the famous sentence of the (…)

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