Europe Edition

2022 Number 1

> Intolerance and Exclusion

The fantastic woman Our flow to the sea

“We were a couple, a normal couple” – clarifies with honesty and simplicity Marina, to the police of the sexual crimes brigade, who after the death of Orlando, investigates her in an invasive and vexatious way (…)

> Intolerance and Exclusion

A bright reason. Start seeing the other

Although the etymology of “tolerate” comes from the Latin “tolerate” (endure), the use of the concept of tolerance is modern. To tolerate implies an asymmetry: the part that tolerates the other has a pre-eminence over it, its power is greater (…)


> Cirqo

Of abandonment and of fear

> Cirqo

The foreign country of silence

> Cirqo

A refuge for real

> Cirqo

Coexistence between pain and laughter

> Jealousy

The Othello of Orson Welles moves deeply

> Family ties

Family ties in billboard

> Youth and reparation

Stories that should be listened

> Rituals Time

The hobbit. The desolation of Smaug

> Cirqo

> Jealousy

> Family Links

> Youth and Reparation

> Ritual Times

> Mature Love