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2023 number 3

Resilience - Cultural magazine

> Resilience

The beauty of the devil: RIMBAUD TO SURVIVE

“Surely this is an excuse to see him, to get close to him, to hug him and know how he is…. What have you done during these nine years of absence on earth? […] An excuse to tell him about me, about who I am now, about what I feel”. (…)


> Migration and Uprooting

Próximo. I wish you were here

> Intolerance and Exclusion

Billy Elliot. Let the others dance…

> Family ties

The recording: Dialogue between generations

> Youth and reparation

Theatrecinema ex La Troppa. Journey to the center of the earth

> Mature love

Fool for love. Entrapped reality

> Resilience

> Migration and Uprooting

> Intolerance and Exclusion

> Youth and Reparation

> Ritual Times