Europe Edition

2019 Number 1


Carla Crempien

Clinical psychologist at the University of Chile. Ph (D) in Psychotherapy from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile and the University of Heidelberg, Germany, Postgraduate in Symbolic and Experiential Family and Couples Therapy, from the Institute of Psychiatry and Psychology of Santiago de Chile.

Carolina Bórquéz

Psychologist from the University of Chile. Certified psychoanalyst, from the Chilean Psychoanalytic Association. Member of the CEF Center for Social Phenomena, collaborator of the Chilean Center for Human Sexuality.

Carolina Gazitúa

Journalist from the Catholic University of Chile and Bachelor of Arts in Humanities and Music from the Open University of the United Kingdom. He has specialized in economic and cultural journalism, with publications in the newspapers El Mercurio and Estrategia de Chile. He has collaborated in projects of the Swiss foundation Terre des hommes, Lausanne, in the area of ​​restorative juvenile justice. She is the author of the literary blog

José Ramón Ortíz

Mathematician and philosopher by training, writer by vocation and educator by ethical commitment and by facing life as an epistemological adventure. He studied at the Universities of Sussex (B.Sc.) and London (M.Sc.), in England. José Ramón is also a Doctor of Education from Nova Southeastern University, United States.

Máximo Peña

Graduated in Journalism from the Central University of Venezuela (UCV) and in Psychology from the National University of Distance Education (UNED). Specialist in Psychotherapeutic Intervention and Mindfulness. Máximo is the author of the blog

Eva Hibernia

Bachelor of Performing Arts from RESAD Madrid and Doctorate in Humanities courses at Pompeu Fabra University. Eva Hibernia is a writer, stage director, writer’s coach and dream integration therapist. His artwork can be followed at His work as a coach at

Victoria Robert

Gestalt Psychotherapist, Teacher and Supervisor. Member of AVEPSI (Venezuelan Psychotherapy Association) and FLP (Latin American Federation of Psychotherapy). Actress, Writer, Theater Director, Graduated in Arts from the Central University of Venezuela.

Francisca del Sol

Architect from the Finis Terrae University, Santiago de Chile. Born in Barcelona, ​​she grew up mainly in Spain and Great Britain. Moved by concern, she creates, paints and writes.