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2023 number 3

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Expression Acts:

An Inclusive Language

The words tolerance and inclusion are part of a cultural language. And every cultural language predisposes to a dialogue to combine encounters. Art, on the other hand, crosses the barriers of formal communication and its possible understanding. For me, art is beauty without language, and does not exclude anyone or anything because it is absolute. It is like the silent emotion caused by the majesty of the mountain, like a starry sky that floods the proximity of us with the universe, or as the expression of a look that opens a smile and admits a meeting space. There no human being is left out.

Just as the stars are the accents that allow us to notice the milky way, or how the smile is the accent that makes it easier to experience an emotional connection; in the artistic the accents allow to bring the light to the present, to approximate a world of infinite senses. The accent is an emphasis on time and space, which enables the understanding of the expression that opens.

In my painting, there are no preset contents or symbols, it only uses expression accents. The absence of color where the void accuses its expression; or the opposite, a drop of ink that ends in a stain, are examples of accents that articulate or can articulate a work. Just as, in Rembrandt’s works, in my opinion, the accent is light, not the theme or figuration.

With the premise that art is a way of crossing the limits of what has been learned, an artistic proposal that aims to open expressions is possible. Expressions that are instinctive, without a thematic or emotional formality. After the color, its pigments and the void, suddenly a relevant expression appears for the viewer, which is what orders the work.

After an expression that does not communicate phrases, human beings are not paralyzed in understanding and, on the contrary, it opens horizons. Deep spaces, free and stripped of conventions. It’s their own silent feeling devoid of signs and strong in vibrations. The viewer feels, experiences and assimilates according to their own particularity, and something that goes beyond the work, something that is not encapsulated in a meaning, something that endures within each one.

It is about accepting and entering the picture without explanation, and there are no expected, correct or appropriate ways or answers.


1.- Red Painting

“The absence of red accuses an expression in the same red, as they do the shades of red”.


2.- Orange Painting

“In my work I never know before I start, what is going to be revealed and I find fascinating the suggestion of what I begin to perceive”.


3.- White Painting

“My paintings are the result of the approximation of intensities of the pigment and its empty fractals”.

Francisca del Sol / Architect from Finis Terrae University. Born in Barcelona Moved by restlessness, creates, paints and writes.

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