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The first thing that should be said about Gloria is that a Chilean film is appreciated in which the characters have a background that resonates, in which it is possible to somehow recognize or access to them and touch their inner world, see beyond the obvious and transcend the foreground.

Gloria is about loneliness, maturity, the incessant search to be with another, a longed for, idealized, difficult intimacy. It is about the real disposition to be with another. How far can you want to give up that part of yourself that involves being with another? Because intimacy has something of renunciation, it has something to compromise, which is different from canceling or ceasing to be what it is.

Because the other is never everything we want him to be, because he has his own, why are we with things. And because in the end, although we are with another, at some point deep inside we also continue alone. The idealization of being with another, the hope of intimacy as the security of not touching that unavoidable loneliness to the human being, leads to permanent disappointment.

Gloria, the charming Gloria, graceful, daring, and daring on, searching in so many ways for that something that makes sense. Rodolfo, also very lovable, at times despairs (at least to us, women), at times he generates compassion from us. So caught up in loyalty, in guilt, in a certain repression too. “Melt the snow, which freezes my chest,” he seems to ask, striving – no doubt – to be able to allow it. Realize then! It makes you want to say, but it is not so easy and maybe very soon. And she, Gloria, capable of illuminating the morning, charming, mysterious, unreachable, demanding, unbearable. But not so much either, you have to understand.

Gloria is about the good and the bad of being with another. Of passion, intimacy, of encounter and disagreement. And there is a turning point: Are you really willing to be with someone else? Is longed-for intimacy possible without a resignation? And won’t it be better, in the end to be alone? Won’t it be easier? I don’t know, it’s not for nothing that we seek and long for that encounter. Each one can decide.



Looking at this mature couple makes us excited.

I think we spent much of this movie waiting for the happy ending, we project on the screen our own desire that things be happy and complete. Until well grown we wait for the perfection of the encounter, with that other who completes us, with the unconditional, the one who abandons what it owns to give us what we seek so much. And what was we are looking for?

The renunciation of the ideal of the other will perhaps be a possibility of finding it.

And there is another thing that Gloria makes us think about: being with another is different from having the other. That is a necessary resignation.

The truth is that most of us are much closer to Gloria than to a better state.

In the purest human style. That is Gloria, pure humanity.



Gloria is 58 years old and all alone.

To make up for the emptiness, she fills her days with activities and at night searches for love in the world of adult singles parties, where she only gets lost in a series of meaningless adventures. This fragile happiness in which she lives and her daily life is altered when he meets Rodolfo.

Carla Crempien / Clinical Psychologist from the University of Chile. Ph (D) in Psychotherapy from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile and the University of Heidelberg, Germany. Postgraduate degree in symbolic – experiential family and couples therapy, Institute of Psychiatry and Psychology of Santiago de Chile.

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