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Fool for love

Entrapped reality

It is a story of fatal love, of a cursed love that drives people crazy and captivates by its intensity, by its irrationality, by its transgression, which takes us through the different places of couples suffering to one of the most remote: incest, that corner where madness reigns.

It is the story of a pact that, when unveiled, breaks its spell, and allows these lovers, who live condemned to never be together and never be able to separate, to know their truths. That purgatory is the level of what they fear and what the prohibition binds them to. This story also shows us many versions of the interdictions that love may suffer.

Thus, at first these young people seem to be two lovers who punish each other with indifference, for not being able to understand the mandates of love, hurting each other with indifference, hurting each other with their revolts, like little children with tantrums and fights. But then he invites us to think that such renunciations of intimacy have ties in loyalties and leads us to the house of our ancestors with their idols and chimeras. It allows us to dialogue with them; negotiating with them the living spaces that we can enjoy and to the extent that we can understand in their own death regulations, we manage or not to survive their restrictions.

Then a third person surprisingly appears, as a threat of abandonment, revenge and then, violently, as a murderous reality of the love of the couple. Between attacks of jealousy and bravery they manage to make room for this “stone guest”, an imminent destroyer of his hypnotic world.

And this couple, who have failed to separate for years, invites him to their table and assimilates the versions of their internal realities before the astonishment of this witness, who is encouraged to judge, but who only managed to be astonished by so much suffering and horror. Finally, thus, the murder that was not committed, the love that was not recognized, the inheritance that was left is discovered: the wake of the living and the desire of the dead … Long live the truth! The only space where love can live!



One of the most important contemporary playwrights in the United States. Winner of a Pulitzer Prize, for his story of incest and murder “Buried Child” and nominated for “Fool for Love” (1983), a sick relationship that resurfaces, which was taken to cinema.

So was his script for “Paris Texas,” a film that won the Palme d’Or at the Cannes International Film Festival. Loneliness is a recurring theme in the works, which he himself has cataloged as “Central experience of modern life”, (1) and that we all fight hand-to-hand to avoid, through the family, the people around us or like him, with activities like writing, which is a constant company.

He usually poses complex family problems, with losing characters who have given up on their dreams and whose lives without continuity are stumbling from one side to the other. With frank and inventive language, surreal rituals, and elements of the absurd, he speaks of hate, sex, tenderness, violence, contempt, fear and, of course, love.

According to critics, Sam Shepard reflects with great precision and accuracy the interior and exterior landscape of current North American society.

Interview with Paris newspaper. Spain. 2000 


PLACE Mori Bellavista / DIRECTION Andrea García Huidobro / ACTORS Manuela Oyarzún, Francisco Pérez Bannen, Alejandro Sieveking and Iván Parra / DRAMATURGY Sam Shepard.

Carolina Bórquez / Psychologist at the University of Chile. Training of psychoanalyst (e), of the Chilean Psychoanalytic Association. Member of the CEF Center for Social Phenomena, collaborator of the Chilean Center for Human Sexuality.

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