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2022 Number 1


Theatrecinema ex La Troppa

Journey to the center of the earth

It is the journey of a scientific researcher and his assistant who dream of deciphering the mysteries that their predecessors have posed to them – a dialogue between generations – about one of the most exciting adventures: knowledge. Searching at the limit of reality, begins the exploration of the greatest fears and the recognition of the essence of fears.

Creating a new world, based on what we have, is the task or dream of adolescents, and invites us to get to know our planet, cultures and stories in depth and extension, despite the fact that this adventure causes great fear. Although adults are not welcome at this stage, their role is to encourage and promote these trips to other lands, to other worlds, TO THE INTERNAL WORLD OF EACH YOUTH.

It is curiosity and initiative that are at stake; it is a taste for challenge and the growth that goes with it; it is a way to leave the parents’ home and find a home in the world, in the society. It is the contribution that adults can make to our new generations.



Replenishes two of its best works: “Journey to the Center of the Earth” and “Twins”.

Theatrecinema, a company directed by Juan Carlos Zagal and Laura Pizarro, both actors graduated from the UC theater school, emerged in 2006 after the dissolution of the innovative company of La Troppa.

The Troppa was characterized by being an integral team of artisan work in the theatrical profession, making very creative and successful productions such as Pinocchio (1990), Wolf (1992), Journey to the Center of the Earth (1995) and his masterpiece Twins (1999), adaptation of “The Big Notebook”, by Agota Kristof. In 2003, in a co-production agreement with the French company Le Volcán, they premiered Jesús Betz, of high artistic quality.

Carolina Bórquez / Psychologist at the University of Chile. Training of psychoanalyst (e), of the Chilean Psychoanalytic Association. Member of the CEF Center for Social Phenomena, collaborator of the Chilean Center for Human Sexuality.

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