Europe Edition

2023 number 3

Resilience - Cultural magazine

What is Reflector?

REFLECTOR is an interdisciplinary and comprehensive project that seeks to create spaces for thought and opinion -through publications, workshops, conferences and activities- that address topics of universal interest concerning the human being and present in their daily life. The lack of time and the maelstrom of current life, the light consumption, the absence of spaces for conversations, the deterioration in personal communications, technology and immediacy in general, highlight the need to have this type of areas of introspection, as well as exchange and communication.

It seeks to put into vogue the dialogue between people and the approach to issues of radical importance, from a dynamic and contemporary point of view, according to today’s world and society. And at the same time, promote more conscious and free links between people, through understanding and understanding, the “Art of Understanding”, under the premise that peace and happiness are a right for every human being.

As a first stage, Reflector launches a print and online magazine.

Based on topics present in works and artistic and cultural events of the moment, Reflector selects those that he considers most relevant and provides in his publication an analysis, albeit a deep one, easy to read and understand, and for the general public. In each of its editions, from the point of view of psychologists, sociologists, philosophers, and educators, among other professionals, a different theme is addressed and the entire number is devoted to it.

The aim is to offer contemporary themes and bring present and future dilemmas that have been little addressed in the media, for all audiences and with a different approach, that contribute new and constructive points of view for daily life and people’s problems.